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Singapore is a great jurisdiction to incorporate your company. Singapore offers business-friendly policies, streamlined procedures, transparency, speed and an attractive tax regime.

If you’re a Singapore resident and plan to be the sole director and shareholder, you could even incorporate your company on your own – which is fairly unique in the world!

Still, we believe that incorporating a Singapore company is best done by a professional. 

In our company incorporation, we look closely at:

  • Which entity makes most sense for your business;
  • Any special terms that need to be incorporated into your MA&A;
  • Making sure your business structure allows you to apply for an EntrePass or PR, if applicable;
  • How to make it easy for you to operate – streamlining your company for minimum paperwork
  • And a variety of other formalities.

Would you like to know more? Contact us to set up a call or meeting, and we’ll be happy to share the steps to incorporate your company as soon as possible.

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