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Do you want to incorporate a new company in Singapore?

Let us come right out with it.
We’re not the cheapest accountant around (not the most expensive either).

There is a long-term cost to “cheap”.

For example

  • The nagging doubt whether everything was done properly
  • Not having easy access to a qualified, experienced accountant for questions
  • Spending too much time on mundane tasks

At Murdoch Corporate Services,
we see it as our role to be your trusted advisor.
Whether it’s for a one-time incorporation or during a long-term business relationship.
After all, as a business owner, you often don’t know what you don’t know.

And it saves time, and worry, if you can be sure after a quick WhatsApp chat or phone call with our corporate service team.

We’re willing to invest in our relationship with you.
That’s why we offer a free, no obligation, 30 minute consultation before even taking you on board as a client.

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Why Choose Us?

Sign resolutions digitally

Save time and printing cost.

Register from anywhere

No matter where you are,
we are in Singapore to represent you.

The Team

Brandem Liew

Founder and Director

Your chartered accountant & go-to person when unsure about anything compliance, accounting or reporting.

Faye Chen

Client Accounting Manager

Will work with you to day-to-day to keep your accounts spick and span

Angie Oh

Corporate Secretarial Executive

Will watch over your compliance like a hawk. So you don’t have to.

Start More Companies Affordably

Seamless way of incorporating a company? Simply fill out our online
form, upload the necessary documents when prompted and we will
register your company with ACRA

This includes:
❖ Checking and reserving your preferred company name (subject to availability)
❖ Prepare all necessary resolutions and constitution
❖ ACRA fees for incorporation of company (Name application fee-$15 and Registration fee-$300)
❖ Preparation of compliance corporate kit, including share certificates,
registers and minutes book

If you do not have a local director in Singapore, you can name us as your local director.

All you need to do:
❖ Take up our corporate secretary package
❖ Take up our accounting and tax package or provide us with $2,000
security deposit
❖ Nominee Director: $3,000/ year

Don’t have a registered address? You can use ours.

❖ We provide a registered address for your company.
❖ Registered Address: $360/ year

Starting a local company? We got you covered.


Get professional advice

With our team of professionals, you can be assured that you receive the best advice possible to start your company.


Fill up the required forms

You can expect the forms completed by our team and ready for the application. Just be sure to give us your information.


Prepare the documents

Give us the consent to act as your director and we will process your documents for the incorporation.


Filing and store BizFile

We will compile your Bizfile and other corporate documents and store them safely.

Register your business with us at $0!

Package 1

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Package 2

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Package 3

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Starting a company as a foreigner in Singapore?

Here’s what you’ll need to do.


Meet the official requirements

We help you with all the necessary information that the Singapore government requires from the founders:

Corporate Secretary

As required by the Singapore law, each company must have a Secretary, who is certified to manage state compliances of a company. These include:

  • Filing annual returns and resolutions
  • Processing dividends distribution
  • Preparing Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Nominee Director

A nominee director is a Singaporean and shares legal responsibility for your documents, should there be any discrepancies.

However, they cannot make any business decisions.

It’s a common and legal practice to engage a Nominee Director.

Registered Address

All Singaporean companies must have a registered local address that is documented on all legal documents.

Thus, it is essential for you to have a legitimate local mailbox for your legal correspondence.


Register your company

Foreigners are required to go through a certified agency to file for incorporation. We gather all relevant documents online, collate them, and an application is sent to you to be signed electronically.


Open an account

For you to open an account remotely and online, we partner with Singapore banks and payment services that can help you do so. We present your case, but cannot guarantee you getting an account. The decision always lies with the banks.


Establish the accounting routine

In a year, there will be several tax reports required for you to submit. Our Chartered accountant will gather your documents, get reports ready, and file them in an organised fashion. We also proactively advise on exemptions to make your tax-paying process a smart one.


Obtain an Employment Pass

This is a permit that lets you work and live Singapore, even along with your family. Only a business that is registered and operational is certified to apply for an EP. We can assist you in the process by registering a company for you, setting up the reporting, and applying for the pass.

Get a 30 mins free consultation

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