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Takes care of all the paperwork so you can focus on making more revenue!
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Accounting Made Simple

At Murdoch Corporate Services, we serve you through Xero Cloud accounting. Once correctly set up, a cloud accounting service can eliminate many manual data entry tasks.

This saves time for both of us and allows us to keep our fees competitive.
It also gives you quicker insight into your finances: log in and see last month’s profit and loss.

We choose to work with Xero because it is the de-facto standard in Singapore, making it easy to run your payroll and report according to Singapore standards, and powered with MCS accountants for the perfect solutions.

Besides that, Xero forms the basis of an ecosystem of other applications that can automate e-commerce payments, POS, expense claims and much more. This saves you time and brings transparency to your business.

Want to streamline your business in Singapore with Xero?
Book a free consultation with us to find out the possibilities and grants available for your business.

Your All-in-One Accountant Solution

Personal Accountant

Expect to get a response from the expert who understands you and your business more than anyone else.

Corporate Tax

Having trouble calculating Corporate Tax?

We’ll do it for you and file it with IRAS, punctually.


We collect all your documents and compare with your every day transactions, so that you can focus more on your business.

Personal Accountant

Profit & Loss, Aged Payables and Receivables, Balance sheets, etc. – we’ll prepare them for you.

Tax Savings

Ensuring that you pay the correct taxes and identifying appropriate tax deductions lie within our expertise.

GST Filings

We calculate GST for you and file GST returns securely with IRAS online – you can have a peace of mind.

Bank Connections

Connect your bank accounts to see your updated cash flow.

Bank Reconciliation

We organise and reconcile your bank account transactions.

Pay peanuts get Gorilla services

We save time by automating the grunt work.
That we’re more available to provide the advice
and support that truly makes a difference.

Access to business reports and financial health easily

A bookkeeping software that’s as easy to interact with as Facebook.

Live bank feeds

Reconcile your transactions with a single click.
See your financial status in real time.

One call away from a Charted Accountant

Nothing beats actual human touch. We are just one call away if you need any help or advice on your business financial health.

The Team

Brandem Liew

Founder and Director

Your chartered accountant & go-to person when unsure about anything compliance, accounting or reporting.

Faye Chen

Client Accounting Manager

Will work with you to day-to-day to keep your accounts spick and span

Angie Oh

Corporate Secretarial Executive

Will watch over your compliance like a hawk. So you don’t have to.

Get a 30 mins free consultation

on starting a new company or anything related to Xero.

Use Elegant Accounting Software
Xero is friendly and easy to use. Even if you don’t have a degree in accounting.

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