Start a Company in Singapore - For Foreigners

If you're not from Singapore, Murdoch Corporate Solutions is here to work with you on navigating Singapore's process to start your company running here.

Why Open a Business in Singapore?

Competitive Tax Rates

Singapore is a business-friendly city with low tax rates for individuals and corporate entities, on top of many government grants and reliefs to help your business grow exponentially.

Asia's Hub for Commerce

One of the most technologically advanced cities in Asia, with many regional headquarters situated in Singapore.

A Wide and International Talent Pool

Its place as a business hub has developed a rich pool of talent, locally and internationally.

How to open a new business in Singapore as a foreigner

1. Meet the official requirements

Corporate Secretary

As required by the Singapore law, each company must have a Secretary, who is certified to manage state compliances of a company. These include:

  • Filing annual returns and resolutions
  • Processing dividends distribution
  • Preparing Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Nominee Director

It’s a legal practice to engage a Nominee Director who is Singaporean. They will share legal responsibility of your documents, should there be any discrepancies.

However, they aren’t allowed to make any business decisions.

Registered Address

All Singaporean companies must have a registered local address that is documented on all legal documents. By working with Murdoch Corporate Services on incorporating your business, you can register you working address at our very own office space.

2. Register your company

Foreigners are required to go through a certified agency to file for incorporation. We gather all relevant documents online, collate them, and an application is sent to you to be signed electronically.

3. Open a Singapore bank account

For you to open an account remotely and online, we partner with Singapore banks and payment services that can help you do so. We present your case, but cannot guarantee you getting an account. The decision always lies with the banks.

4. Establish the accounting routine

In a year, there will be several tax reports required for you to submit. Our Chartered accountant will gather your documents, get reports ready, and file them in an organised fashion. We also proactively advise on exemptions to make your tax-paying process a smart one.

We're There For You At Every Step

Our Personal Touch

Our Personal Touch

We make time to connect and understand every business we work with, and advise accordingly as your business grows year on year.
One Call Away

One Call Away

We're a call or Whatsapp away for any query or concern you might have.
Speed of Service

Speed of Service

We're here to reply within the day, and ensure all your tasks are completed in time.
Digital Convenience

Digital Convenience

Save time by signing off on all documents remotely and digitally.
One-Stop Service

One-Stop Service

We can manage your finances and administrative matters once your company is up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we will not have any involvement or decision making responsibilities within the company. Our role is purely administrative to comply with government poilicy and we will not be involved in your business operations.

Yes you can if you want to, but that would require a work pass.

You would need at least 1 shareholder to start the company.

Any Singaporean or permanent resident above the age of 21 is eligible to be a director.

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